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La Micropigmentación De Labios Es La Oportunidad Del 2023

No se quede atrás: aprenda la técnica de belleza más popular en Madrid y gane hasta €350 por sesión

No pierda la oportunidad de invertir en su futuro con Formacion experta en micropigmentación de labios de Tatiana Alvarez. ¡Reserva Ya Tu Espacio En El Campo Superior De Madrid!»

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No se quede atrás: aprenda la técnica de belleza más popular en Madrid y gane hasta
€350 por sesión

 ¡Reserva Ya Tu Espacio En El Campo Superior De Madrid!»

Pocos espacios disponibles

Youre reading this for a reason.


Youve been doing mani/pedicures or something similar for while now havent you?, but something is 




You’ve been bent over for HOURS


Your whole body is sore, you finally finish with your client but now you check how much youve earned…


And now youre body hurts even more!


No but seriously, youre left with BARELY any money and you begin to question if its even worth continuing. 


But no…You continue on in the same torturous cycle, telling your self if you just «work more» or «get more clients» then it will make sense.


Trust me, i lied to myself too, but my bank account could never.


But, what if I told you there was another way.


A way to ACTUALLY escape that loop and make a real income


Look, this is where youre going wrong…




YouRE in the wrong place


You see..


Youve been blaming yourself and your work rate for your results, but its simpler than that.


Youre LOST in the noise of all the beauty procedures out there.


Yes you can make money from Uñas.


You can do it with Pestañas too…


But why are you struggling to be your own boss and have control over your time and income? The things that really matter.


Because there’s something that pays more. A LOT more.


Yes you’ve guessed it by now


It goes by the name of…




MICROpigmentacion DE LABIOS

Yes, this is what it looks like. 


And here are some of my students results 

Cool right?


Well what is even cooler is the 350€ that enters your account after just 1 hour of work. 


Imagine this…


From just 5 clients a week, and you’re left with 1,750€.


1,750€…with just 1 hour of work a day.


But lets not stop there.


Let me show you the secret…


It took me 15+ years of experience.


Countless hours of practice.


Many sleepless nights ,trying to create the perfect formula


And then i did it.


And now hundreds of students are using it to achieve PRO results.




And YOU can learn it too!


Hi, Im Tatiana Alvarez, CEO & founder of Alive Academy.

As an experienced beauty professional, I specialize in teaching individuals the latest techniques for enhancing eyebrows and lashes.

My students have gone on to earn an average of $50,000 per year, and some have even achieved six-figure incomes.

Your Future ↓

What your COMMUNITY is saying ↓


Estamos comprometidos con tu éxito en el curso de Lip Micropigmentation. Es por eso que garantizamos que trabajaremos contigo hasta que domines el arte de la Lip Micropigmentation y te sientas seguro en tus habilidades. Si en algún momento durante o después del curso, sientes que necesitas apoyo o guía adicional, estaremos allí para brindarte asistencia las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana, y asegurarnos de que tengas éxito. Tu éxito es nuestra máxima prioridad

Come and learn with Tatiana alvarez in our in-person master class workshop

Call us now and speak to one our specialised coaches to book your place on the workshop

Here is summary of what to expect:

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